Medical Solutions Travel Agency

Medical Travel by POTHOS: Guiding You through the Journey of Health and Healing!

When your health is fragile, and you are looking for a health facility for proper care, you should always call POTHOS! We offer our world-class medical tourism services to make your journey safe and healthy.  

POTHOS is a renowned medical solutions travel agency that acts as the perfect mediator between a patient and a hospital/clinic.  We can assist you with the following:

  • Medical assistance on commercial flight(s) & the travel journey
  • Charter / special services flights
  • Travel & Airport assistance (non medical)
  • Medical insurances for travel
  • Medical (non emergency) services aka “medical tourism” – travel planning only

We are one of the topmost traveling medical assistant companies that offer complete cure and diagnosis to the ailing patients. At POTHOS, there is no geographical barrier to our services. We offer the best ever health facilities on a global scale. Being a medical services agency, we strive towards working as an intermediary for uniting potential medical tourists with health care providers. We function as a team that assists you to select, plan, and book your ideal health center.

Your Health is Our Priority!

We work only with affiliated professionals across the globe. At POTHOS, we offer customized service so as to be able to cater to your medical needs. We stand by you during the entire process. Right from initial consultation days to booking procedures, we assist you in every possible way. We are specialists in medical evacuation and making traveling secure with special (medical) services, which could be something as minor as oxygen services. Years of experience in the medical industry is our strength. Over the years, we have gathered a huge client base that testifies our efficient medical tourism services.

Our Vast Network of Medical Travel

Being one of the best traveling medical assistant companies, we have a robust network and reliable connections with international and local hospitals, nursing homes, health clinics, health care providers, and so on. Attending seminars, medical lectures, and workshops on a global scale have added to our experience.

Benefits of Hiring Our Medical Travel Experts

  • You get quality care at affordable rates.
  • We connect you to premium health care providers at discounted rates.
  • You can experience peace of mind because you have assigned all the duties in safe hands.
  • We guide you emotionally, as well as offer financial guidance.
  • We have years of experience in connecting a patient to a health facility. It is our everyday job, so we can do it much better without any hassle.

In case you need medical help, and you are searching for a reputed medical solutions travel agency, we are here to guide you towards your journey to complete healing.  

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