Logistics — Freight & People

Our logistics services include the movement of goods or people via trucking, rail, ocean, and air.

In today’s economy companies are continually challenged to streamline their transportation and logistics management.   Our goal is to help you get your products in your customers hands.

We have more than 159 providers that can handle any ground freight service required such as trucks, rail and ocean cargo. Additionally, we have a working relationship with cargo insurance providers such as Zurich International to provide any extra coverage requested.

The air movement of people or dedicated cargo can be done by our vast network of access to charter aircraft’s worldwide; small turboprop aircraft, medium sized business jets and heavy aircraft such as A340 and 777.

Lastly, we have a strategic relationship built with ground transportation vendors that can provide assets ranging from sedans, limos and buses. In this realm, we can also provide the advanced needs such as armored vehicles and armed security.

POTHOS has the experience and expertise with leaders in the logistics industry coordinating major task orders for our clients. POTHOS is efficient in providing all aspects of on-site transportation, meeting challenges and planning effective strategies for our customers.

Proud GSA Partner