Company Culture

Our company culture is built on Integrity, Clarity and Reliability are the foundation of our existence. We work in a forthright manner that considers communication as the cornerstone to a successful relationship with our guests and travel partners.

Service Guarantee

Our mission is to provide you with options, counsel and advise you in your choices and then ensure your experience meets or exceeds your expectations. We contract only quality, established vendors to provide products and services. We share your high standards and expectations. We trust our vendors and stand behind their work.

  • If a vendor fails to provide a service or product as advertised in conditions within their control, we will work as your agent on your behalf to find a reasonable solution to accommodate all parties and meet our service guarantee.
  • If WE fail to provide a product or service communicated, we will refund the appropriate fees.

A Note From Our Management Team

This company and the experience it provides is our passion behind our culture. Each and every client is individually important to us. That is why we offer all of our direct contact information to every client and are available to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


POTHOS provides premier, service oriented programs that are tailored to fit your individual desires. We are experts at the destinations and services we offer due to our many years of experience and relationships. The destinations we offer are developed and experienced thereby ensuring superior quality, service and value.

Through our experiences, we excel at listening to your needs and communicating them effectively to facilitate and achieve your goals. Our focus is to provide you with options, offer advice in the selection process and work to make your decisions successful.

You will not be passed through a multi-level organization with significant overhead costs and numerous tiers of labor being billed to you. We are a small, closely held company that operates efficiently and effectively on a global scale.

Signature Amenities & Services

We will never just speak the buzz words, but will prove to you, in our actions, that we are a service oriented company; complete access to all staff members, we will never say “no” instead we will strive to work out a solution that will meet the expectations and we will tirelessly ensure you are pleased and satisfied!

From the front door of your home to the front door of your home away from home, we will watch over you to ensure your experience is unsurpassed. Our operational services can include added value items such as; neck massages after long flights, service & butler staff to attend to your luggage and providing on site administrative services or just drawing a bath, setting aromatherapy candles in your room and providing refreshments. Our hotels with fitness centers have access to personal trainers. You will find excellent amenities and many value added services.

We realize that true service will make us different and we embrace being different!


Breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-day snack, cocktails with hors d’oeuvres, 4 course dinner and dessert… all with high calorie foods. Do you normally eat like that? Certainly not! POTHOS takes great care in developing menus that consider the whole day, the attendees, tastes and diets. We rarely just book a canned banquet menu. Instead, we prefer to work with the Executive Chef and develop a thoughtful experience. We can also accommodate any cultural or religious requirement.


POTHOS thinks about the attendees during our programmes. Many of our partner hotels have on site fitness centers and there are select hotels that have complete Wellness packages to include fitness, spa packages, lectures and presentations. Complete care for body, mind and spirit.